So many choices when it comes to softball bows.  With word bows, custom bows, glitter bows, just to mention a few, our variety can't be beat.


This open canvas bow can be made with a logo, multiple layered colors, and so much more. 

Softball Bow Multi-Layered

  • When you purchase your bow from Just Imagine That, you are getting a high quality item.  Each stage of the making is carefully checked and rechecked.  Here, it is important that you get your purchase quickly and accurately.

  • Bows can only be returned or replaced if there is a flaw or a mistake made. At Just Imagine That, your satisfaction is a priority and you can be assuredthat we will make it right. 


    Your bow is an accessory to your hairstyle.  This means that your hair should already be complete before the addition of your bow. This will prolong the life of your bow