With several varieties of basketball bows, you are sure to find just what you are looking for.  Many styles and 2 size options.  The 3x7x7 is sure to make a statement.  The 2.25x6x6 is the sport sized -  plenty of splash in a smaller space.


Our custom basketball bow allows you to have one or two colors, a basketball at the top left and a name, team name or number at the bottom right.  You can have plain or glitter on your bottom right choice.  Just note it!  Also please note the color(s) you wish.  See color charts if you are not sure which color you are wanting.  We are always glad to customize your bow.

Basketball Bows

  • You will find our soccer bows in a variety of styles and colors.  In 2 sizes, we make custom team bows and individual custom bows.  We also have a variety of soccer ribbon bows to fit just what you are looking for.  Our bows are made of high quality grosgrain ribbon that is tough enough for the sport.

  • Bows can only be returned or replaced if there is a flaw or a mistake made. At Just Imagine That, your satisfaction is a priority and you can be assuredthat we will make it right. 


    Your bow is an accessory to your hairstyle.  This means that your hair should already be complete before the addition of your bow. This will prolong the life of your bow